With our headquarters in Pittsburgh, and an office in Naples, KFMR has a sharp focus on client service with an eye on technology that takes our clients – and our business – beyond the borders of the city it calls home and beyond our clients' expectations.

As a full-service accounting and consulting firm with a diverse group of seasoned, credentialed and experienced professionals, KFMR offers a holistic approach to client service with technical proficiency and innovative thinking. Our professionals include individuals with broad experience at national and international CPA firms, possessing certifications and advanced degrees. But all of that knowledge and expertise would be nothing if it weren’t for our exceptional client service. Our clients know us for the responsiveness and care we demonstrate – not just the results we deliver. At KFMR we have a vision for your financial future.

Business Life Cycle Approach

The life cycle of your business is a long journey and your needs will change significantly at each new stage. At KFMR, we are uniquely prepared to make the trip with you. Our Business Life Cycle Approach to accounting and consulting services is designed to help you anticipate and identify your changing needs. We work with you on strategic plans and actions required to assure your continued growth and success.

While most of your basic needs - accounting, assurance, recordkeeping, tax consulting and compliance - will be consistent throughout the life of your business, the requirements and level of sophistication for them will change as your business changes. Other types of needs such as benefits plan selection and administration, arranging financing and capital, and retirement planning will emerge.

We invite you to review each of the Business Life Cycles to learn how KFMR customizes its services to meet your needs as your business evolves.